To help explain the genesis and purpose of Zen Money, I would like to give an outline of my story to date….

At age 11, I decided the only way to feel safe was to be successful – that meant I must become a millionaire. By age 21, I had my business degree: I was suited, booted and ready to go.

By age 31, I had ten years practical experience in the business world. I held management positions with two of Ireland’s largest companies, and worked for a self-made multi-millionaire. Now I understood the corporate world and had experience at the coal-face. It was time to do it for myself.

By age 41, I was the self-made millionaire. In 1996 I opened a retail business, using the cashflow to become a property developer during the Irish property boom - fortunately clearing all my debt before the market crashed.

Life was good. I had achieved my goals. Nothing could touch me now because the money would solve all my problems. But there was a problem – the money wasn’t solving all my problems. I didn’t feel safe no matter how much I had.

So I tried a more holistic approach. I read all the self-help books I could find. I tried reiki, therapy, tai-chi, reflexology, kineaseology and past-life regression. I met with psychics, healers, hypnotists, psychotherapists and shamans. While they all helped, I still didn’t have ‘the’ answer.

More dramatic action was needed. In 2006 I sold the business and enrolled to study for a Master’s degree, but quit when it suddenly came to me: Rather than looking outside for answers, what if I looked inside? And when I did, something amazing happened – I found peace at last.

My hope is that Zen Money will help you achieve all the success you deserve but, more importantly, helps you find your peace in the process.