Welcome to my website…

….and feel free to download my book Zen Money…

…….literally, feel free…..because it is free!

So what’s it about?

Well it’s a Zen approach to money, and a material approach to Zen.

The 83 Steps to Success outlined in Zen Money will help you walk well in life – and deal effectively with life rather than passively allow life deal with you.

What about me?

Well, I was lucky enough to make my fortune, but then unlucky enough to find the money wasn’t enough.

So I set myself the task of figuring out what I knew to see if it could provide me with some answers.

The answers on the outside were obvious: over a twenty-year business career I had learned my trade well.

The answers from the inside were a much trickier - and painful – proposition, the result of a lot of probing about, sometimes in murkier places.

My hope is that Zen Money will save you from similar poking around, and get you on the fast-track to the material and spiritual success you deserve.

Remember, we already know everything…..it’s time to remember.